Conference on Representations of Algebras, Groups and Semigroups

December 30, 2007-January 3, 2008


Department of Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan

Netanya Academic College, Netanya



The representations of groups, semigroups and algebras are closely related.  On the one hand, the representations of finite groups and semigroups are identical with the representations of the corresponding group algebras and reduced semigroup algebras, which are finite dimensional algebras.  Thus such techniques as quivers and tilting from the theory of finite dimensional algebras are relevant to the representations of groups and semigroups.  On the other hand, semigroup representations depend on certain representations of maximal subgroups and techniques like hooks and co-hooks for special bi-serial algebras grew out of group theory.  The time is ripe for experts from the three fields to have a joint meeting aimed at finding common ground in their research.