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I am a Associate Professor at  the Department of Mathematics at Bar- Ilan University. 
I am currently the head of the Bar-Ilan Financial Math program.

Graduate students positions are available .

Financial Math:
I  run the Bar-Ilan Financial math program - a 4 semester Masters Degree in Financial Mathematics, either with or wothout a written dissertation.
The program is intended who for graduate students with a BSc in science (mathematics, physics etc..) or economics (and related ares), who finished there studies with an avarage of at least 80.
For basic information on the program please see here  (in hebrew)

Special aanouncements and conferences are found in this webpage

In particular, last May we ran the Third Bar-Ilan Conference on Financial Mathematics.

There are 2 Facebook groups where various announcements and job openings are posted:  Financial Mathematics Alumni  and  מתמטיקה פיננסית לדורותיה


My research fields are probability theory  and probability on groups.
My research interests include, (but are not limited to) : Random walks, ranodm walks on groups, amenability, automaton groups, self interacting random walks, interacting particle systems and exclusion processes, stochastic growth models,
 percolation and random graphs .

I obtained my Ph.D. in Mathematics at The Weizmann Institute under the supervision  of Prof. Itai Benjamini.

I am currently looking for a PhD student and a PostDoc.

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Department of Mathematics,
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat Gan, 52900 Israel

Email: gidi  d.o.t. amir a.t. gmail d.o.t. com