A new framework for Souslin-tree constructions

Ari Meir Brodsky

I recently presented my research at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Most of the lecture was recorded (see below), and there are slides as well.


Unfortunately the recording started late, so it doesn't include the introduction, which I will approximately reproduce here:



Thanks to the organizers for inviting me to speak. Itís a special privilege to be able to present my set-theory research here in the holy city of Yerushalaim.


Special thanks to Assaf Rinot, who came to Canada several years ago and brought me back to Israel with him in his luggage... more or less. I really appreciate Assafís efforts at securing the opportunity for me to research here in Israel, and at Bar-Ilan University in particular, over the past year and for the coming year as well.


The work I present here is joint research with Assaf, which essentially means that most of the creative ideas come from Assaf, but he has graciously shared the credit with me.


Thirty years ago in Canada, my grandparents were honoured by the Jewish National Fund for, among other things, their contributions to that organization, which promotes planting trees in Israel. [Turn to slide with picture of trees.] Often I feel that I am continuing their legacy as I work on building Souslin trees here in Israel. Especially now that the שנת השמיטה has ended Ė the Sabbatical year in which we donít plant Ė we can continue our Souslin-tree construction with increased vigour.