Curriculum Vitae

Name:      Reuven Cohen
Birth:        1974, Israel


2003                        Ph.D. in Physics with highest honors, Dept. of Physics, Bar-Ilan University.
                                Dissertation topic: "Scale free processes: Networks and percolation".
                                Thesis adviser: Prof. Shlomo Havlin.

1995                        B.Sc. Summa Cum Laude in Physics and Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University.

Academic positions and jobs

2019-                       Professor, Dept. of  Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University.

2017-2020                Chair, Dept. of  Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University.

2016-2017                Head, Financial Mathematics Track, Dept. of  Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University.

2012-2016                Vice Chair, Dept. of  Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University.

2012-2019                Associate Professor, Dept. of  Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University.

2007-2012                Senior Lecturer, Dept. of  Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University.

2007-2010                Algorithmic research consultant Ads-Vantage.

2006-2007                Postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of Physics, MIT (host: Mehran Kardar).

2005-2006                Postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University (Host: David Starobinski).

2003-2005                Postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science (Host: David Peleg).

2000-2003                Science 2000, consulting the development of teaching materials and software for high school students.

1999-2003                Teaching assistant - Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University. Courses taught: electricity and electronics, waves, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, nuclear physics and elementary particles, and graduate quantum mechanics.

1997-1999                Software engineer, Applied Materials Israel.

Professional activity

Referee for the journals: Nature, PNAS, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review E, Physica A, New Journal of Physics, Physics Letters A, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Theoretical Computer Science, Theory of Computing Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Mathematics Letters, Chaos, Computer Networks, ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC), IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN), Networks, and IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC).

Referee for the conferences: IEEE Infocom, IEEE conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC), IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), International Conference On Principles Of Distributed System (OPODIS), and International conference on Distributed Computing (DISC).

Fellowships and Awards

2011    Krill prize (Wolf foundation)

2005    AKSOE Socio- and Econo-physics young scientist award (German Physical Society meeting 2005)

2004    Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship (not used)

2004    Weizmann Institute of Science Pacific Theatres Foundation Fellowship

2003    Weizmann Institute of Science postdoctoral fellowship

2003    Ph.D. with highest distinction, Bar-Ilan University

2002    Israel Ministry of Science - Best popular science article (published in Galileo 5/01)

2001    Excellence in research prize - Department of Physics

2000    Best scientific paper award - Bar-Ilan University

2000    Israel Ministry of Science - high technology scholarship

2000    Faculty of Natural Science - Jacobs award

1995    B.Sc. - Summa Cum Laude, Bar-Ilan University.

1994    Rector's prize - top 50 students in the university

1994    Locker award - Department of Physics

1994    Dean's list

1993    Wolfson scholarship

Conferences and talks

1.    "Complex Matter: equilibrium dynamics and interfacial properties", Weizmann Institute and Kfar-Blum, 2000.

2.    "Spectral and Transport Properties of Random Network Models", Max-Plank-Institut, Gottingen, Germany, 2000.

3.    "International Conference on Dynamical Networks in Complex Systems", Kiel, Germany, 2001.

4.    "Frontiers in the Physics of Complex Systems", Dead See, Israel, 2001.

5.    Lecture given at condensed-matter seminar, Notre-Dame University, Indiana, USA, 2001.

6.    Meeting of the Israel Physical Society, Tel-Aviv, 2001 (Invited Talk).

7.    "Statistical Mechanics of Complex Networks" - Sitges, Spain, June 2002.

8.    Los-Alamos center for non-linear studies - "Networks: structure, dynamics and function", Santa-Fe, May 2003.

9.   "Growing Networks and Graphs in Statistical Physics, Finance, Biology and Social Systems", Rome, Italy, September 2003.

10.   Colloquium given at Jerusalem College of Engineering (JCE), May 2004.

11.   Talk at Microsoft Research - Theory Group, November 2004.

12.   Networking Systems Biology meeting, Weizmann Institute of Science, December 2004.

13.   Young Scientist Award talk, Econophysics, German Physical Society meeting, March 2005.

14.    "Dynamics days", Berlin, 2005 (Invited Talk).

15.    The eighth Israeli mini-workshop on computational and applied mathematics, Bar-Ilan University, December 2007 (Invited Talk).

16.    CSCAMM Workshop: Nonlinear Dynamics of Networks, University of Maryland, April 2010 (Invited Talk).