Bar-Ilan Mathematics Colloquium

Time: sunday 12 pm (unless noted otherwise)
Place: Math building, Top floor seminar room (201)

Year   5769   ('08-'09)


Date Speaker Title and (click on title) Abstract
16 november 08 Dr. Michael Schein, Bar Ilan University Representations of GLn over finite rings and a new approach to types for GLn
30 november 08 Dr. Rebecca Lehman, Bar Ilan University Divisors on the Moduli Space of Curves
7 december 08 Prof. Libor Polak, Masaryk University Languages, algebraic structures and automata
14 december 08 Prof. Prof. Benjamin Weiss, HUJI Symbolic dynamics from combinatorics to group theory
21 december 08 Prof. Mark Sapir, Vanderbuilt University Residual finiteness of 1-related groups
4 january '09 Dr. Gil Ariel, University Texas at Austin Modeling and computation with multiple time scales
11 january '09 Prof. Gady Kozma, Weizmann Institute Who cares about the critical probability?
18 january '09 Prof. Peter Storm, University of Pennsylvania Overview of Mapping Class Groups
15 march '09 Prof. Favorov S.Ju., Kharkov National University Zero sets of entire functions of exponential type with some conditions on real axis
22 march '09 Prof. Manfred Knebusch, Regensburg University Valuations on semirings and supervaluations
5 april '09 Prof. Kleshchev, University of Oregon Some trends in representation theory of symmetric groups
26 april '09 Prof. D. Gurevich  (Valenciennes University, France) Elements of braided geometry and their applications
3 may '09 Prof. Furstenberg Fractal Measures and Natural Markov Processes
10 may '09 Prof. Gelander Flat manifolds and Euler numbers (joint work with M. Bucher)
17 may '09 Prof. M. Monastyrsky Some remarks on "Mathematics at the turn of the Millennium"
24 may '09 Prof. L. Polterovich, Tel Aviv University Analysis and geometry of the Poisson bracket
31 may '09 Prof. B. Bojarski, Academy of Science, Poland Differentiability of measurable functions and Whitney-Luzin type structure theorems
7 june '09 Prof. E. Shustin, Tel Aviv University Tropical enumerative geometry
14 june '09 Prof. Erick Herbin, Ecole Centrale Paris University Stochastic 2-microlocal analysis: A new tool to study fine regularity of stochastic processes
28 june '09 Dr. Alexander Stasinski (Southampton) Unramified and Regular Representations

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