Bar-Ilan Mathematics Colloquium

Time: Sunday 12 pm
Place: Math building, Top floor seminar room (327)

Year   5762   (2001-02)

Second semester

Date Speaker Title and Abstract
10 march 02 Ivy Kidron (Weizmann Institute) Approximation and Interpolation: Calculus Laboratory. From visual interpretation to formal reasoning.
17 march 02 Tahl Nowik (Bar Ilan University) Finite order invariants of immersions
24 march 02 Emmanuel Dror Farjoun (Hebrew University) Homotopy limits in algebra and geometry.
31 march 02 none none
7 april 02, noon Franck Assous (France) Resolution of the Maxwell equations in a domain with reentrant corners
7 april 02, 13:00 Stephane Sabourau (Grenoble) Volume, diameter and length of short geodesics.
14 april 02 Yoram Louzoun (Princeton) Field theory description of stochastic biological systems: Applications to ecology, immunology and enzymatic networks.
21 april 02 Marian Fabian (Prague, Bohemia) Weak compactness and smoothness of norm in Banach spaces
28 april 02 Zvi Artstein (Weizmann Institute) Limit dynamics portrayed by Measure-valued trajectories
5 may 02 Nati Linial (Hebrew University) Finite Metric Spaces - Combinatorics, Geometry and Algorithms
12 may 02 Michael Megrelishvili (Bar Ilan) Reflexively and unitarily Representable topological groups
19 may 02 Jeremy Schiff (Bar Ilan) Geodesic Flow and Integrability
26 may 02 Smadar Karni (Michigan, Weizmann) Numerical Methods for Computing Multicomponent fluid Flows
2 june 02 Florian Deloup (Toulouse, Hebrew University) Quadratic functions in 3-dimensional topology
9 june 02 Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University Subgraphs, addition and codes
16 june 02 Michael Larsen, Indiana University and Hebrew University Inverse problems in invariant theory
19 june 02 Michael Farber, Tev Aviv University Topology and Robotics: Instabilities of Robot Motion
30 june 02 Leonid Makar-Limanov, Wayne State University (Detroit) C-actions on affine varieties.
21 july 02 Jozef Dodziuk, Graduate Center CUNY, New York Atiyah conjecture and approximation of L^2 Betti numbers.
28 july 02 Jacob Greenstein, Paris 6 Crystals and integrable modules of level zero
11 august 02 Sergey Yuzvinsky, University of Oregon Algebra, combinatorics, and topology on hyperplane complements
25 august 02 Uzi Vishne, Yale University Galois Cohomology without roots of unity

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