Bar-Ilan Mathematics Colloquium

Time: Sunday 12 pm (unless noted otherwise)
Place: Math building, Top floor seminar room (327)

Year   5763   (2002-03)

Spring 2003

Date Speaker Title and (click on title) Abstract
16 february 2003 Dr. Florian Deloup, "Universite de Toulouse, France" and Hebrew University The topology of complex spin 3-manifolds
23 february 2003 Prof. Zvi Arad, Bar Ilan University Table Algebras Generated by Elements of Small Degrees
2 march 2003 (11am) Prof. Leon Ehrenpreis, Temple University The edge of the wedge theorem
2 march 2003 (noon) Prof. David Blanc, Haifa University Moduli spaces in homotopy theory
9 march 2003 Prof. Avraham Feintuch, Ben Gurion University The relationship between a Hilbert space operator and its inverse
16 march 2003 Prof. Michael Polyak, The Technion Polynomials and cubic complexes in topology
23 march 2003 Prof. Boris Kunyavski, Bar Ilan University Arithmetic birational invariants of linear algebraic groups
30 march 2003 Prof. Vyacheslav I. Yanchevskii, Belarus Academy of Sciences Pythagoras numbers of function fields of curves defined over hereditarily Pythagorean fields
6 april 2003 Prof. Avinoam Mann, Hebrew University What is asymptotic group theory?
13 april 2003
(11 am)
Prof. V. Miklyukov, University of Volgograd Some problems of conformal mappings between nonsmooth surfaces
13 april 2003
(12 pm)
Prof. V. Ryazanov, Institute of Applied Math., Ukrainian Sci. Acad., Donetsk Finite mean oscillation in the mapping theory
20 april 2003 Pesach Pesach
27 april 2003 Dr. Iddo Isaak Eliazar, Tel Aviv University Polling and Snowblowing
4 may 2003 Isaiah Kantor, Lund University On representations of Jordan algebras
11 may 2003 Dr. Daniela Nikolova-Popova (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Science) Characterisation of soluble groups by two-variable identities identities
18 may 2003 Prof. G. Levin, Hebrew University Analytical and dynamical properties of generalized Feigenbaum's functions
25 may 2003, 11:30 am Prof. S. Havlin, Bar Ilan University Generalized Theory for Random Graphs
1 june 2003 Prof. Leonid Polterovich, Tel Aviv University Symplectic maps: algebra, geometry, dynamics
Monday 2 june 2003, 2 pm Prof. Larry Zalcman, Bar Ilan University Omitted values: From Picard's Theorem to the day after tomorrow
15 june 2003 Dr. E. Backelin Quantum differential operators

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