Bar-Ilan Mathematics Colloquium

Time: sunday 12 pm (unless noted otherwise)
Place: Math building, Top floor seminar room (327)

Year   5764   (2003-04)

Spring 2004

Date Speaker Title and (click on title) Abstract
22 february 2004 Prof. Vladimir Pestov (University of Ottawa)
Some recent connections of topological transformation groups
with geometric functional analysis and Ramsey theory
29 february 2004 Dr. Uzi Vishne, Bar Ilan University From representation theory to compact manifolds and finite combinatorics
7 march 2004 Purim Purim
14 march 2004 Dr. Uzi Vishne, Bar Ilan University Isospectrality of compact manifolds, complexes and Cayley graphs
21 march 2004 Prof. Boris Rubin, Hebrew University Zeta distributions and integral geometry in matrix spaces
28 march 2004 Dr. Yair Glasner, Hebrew University and UIC On infinite primitive permutation groups
(Joint works with Miklos Abert and with Tsachik Gelander)
4 april 2004 Pesach Pesach
18 april 2004 Dr. Shahar Nevo, Bar Ilan University Q_m normal families of meromorphic functions
25 april 2004 atseret zikaron TBA
2 may 2004 Prof. Francesco Brenti, Universita di Roma Tor Vergata Special matchings and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials
9 may 2004 Prof. Paul Biran, Tel Aviv University Symplectic Geometry and Algebraic Families
16 may 2004 Prof. Beno Eckmann (ETH Zurich) Social Choice and Topology
23 may 2004, 12:00 pm Prof. Dany Leviatan, Tel-Aviv University The Bramble-Hilbert lemma for convex domains
23 may 2004, 12:40 pm Prof. Heino Türnpu, Tartu University The scientific work of Prof. Simson Baron
30 may 2004 Prof. Mikhail Katz, Bar Ilan University Entropy, Katok's surface theorem, and asymptotic bounds
6 june 2004 Dr. Shahar Nevo, Bar Ilan University Q_m normal families of meromorphic functions
13 june 2004 Prof. Jeremy Schiff, Bar Ilan University Commuting extensions of matrices and cubature formulas
20 june 2004 Prof. Mark Sapir, Vanderbilt University Polynomial maps over finite fields and residually finite groups

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