Bar-Ilan Mathematics Colloquium

Time: sunday 12 pm (unless noted otherwise)
Place: Math building, Top floor seminar room (327)

Year   5765   (2004-05)

Fall 2004-2005

Date Speaker Title and (click on title) Abstract
31 october 2004 Prof. Arieh Iserles, Cambridge University and Tel Aviv University Highly oscillatory quadrature and its applications
7 november 2004 Prof. Evgenii Shustin, Tel Aviv University Enumeration of real algebraic curves
14 november 2004 Prof. Patrick Iglesias, Hebrew University and LATP (Laboratoire d'Analyse Topologie et Probabilité) CNRS Marseille Mass and Moments in symplectic geometry
21 november 2004 Prof. Igor Pak, MIT and Hebrew University Combinatorics and Probability on Cayley Graphs
28 november 2004 Prof. Ze'ev Rudnick, Tel Aviv University Eigenvalue statistics and lattice points
tuesday, 30 november 2004 Prof. John Morgan, Columbia University Mirror Symmetry for hypersurfaces in toric varieties
5 december 2004 Prof. Alexander Sivatski, Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University Field extensions with respect to the excellence property
12 december 2004 Chanuka Chanuka
19 december 2004 Prof. Barak Kol, Hebrew University High energy physics, string theory and mathematics
26 december 2004 Dr. Sa'ar Hersonsky, Ben Gurion University Diophantine Approximation in Negatively Curved Manifolds
2 january 2005 Prof. Alexander Guterman, Moscow University On Idempotent Matrices
9 january 2005 Prof. Steven Shnider, Bar Ilan University From equivariant quantization to dynamical Yang Baxter equations and back
16 january 2005 Prof. Isaiah Kantor, Lund University, Sweden An introduction to Supermathematics

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