Date: sunday, 16 november '08, at 12 noon

Speaker: Dr. Michael Schein, Bar Ilan University

Title: Representations of GLn over finite rings and a new approach to types for GLn

Abstract: Let F be a local field and O its ring of integers. The local Langlands correspondence establishes a natural bijection between n-dimensional Weil-Deligne representations of F and representations of GLn(F). One would like to know to what extent there is an "integral" version of this, namely a relationship between representations of the inertia group of F and those of GLn(O). The theory of types was developed in response to this question. A partial classification of representations of GLn (O) by Aubert, Onn, Prasad, and Stasinski provides a new approach, joint with U. Onn and A. Stasinski, to the construction of types.