Systolic freedom of loop space (new version) ('01)
Systolic freedom of loop space (old version) GAFA 11 ('01), 60-73.

Volume of Riemannian manifolds, geometric inequalities, and homotopy theory ('99). See

Systolically free manifolds, appendix to Gromov's book ('99)

Volumes, middle-dimensional systoles, and Whitehead products ('98)

Systolic freedom of orientable manifolds ('98) (with I. Babenko)

A proof via the Seiberg-Witten moduli space of Donaldson's theorem on smooth 4-manifolds with definite intersection forms ('95) see also

The Morse landscape of a Riemannian disk ('93) (with S. Frankel)


Draft: an overview of recent results in systolic geometry .ps format ; .pdf format

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