Systolic geometry in mathscinet

Given below please find a link to a systolic geometry list in MathSciNet. Designing such a link was a tricky exercise. The problem is the following. There is an extensive literature, reviewed in MathSciNet, in an area of computer science referred to as "systolic architecture". This literature seems to be unrelated to the notion of systole (i.e. girth) as studied by Loewner, Pu, Accola, Blatter, Rodin, Berger, Gromov, and others. Therefore I made an effort to exclude this literature from the list below. This would have been an easy task had all the articles in question mentioned "systolic architecture". Unfortunately, many of them don't. A bit of detective work was necessary to exclude them. In the process, some girth-systolic papers may have been inadvertently excluded, as well. Please signal any omissions to katzmik at

There are currently over 300 papers on systoles in MathSciNet

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