Graduate students
Boris Kunyavskii

Ph.D. students:

Rony Bitan "Arithmetic invariants of commutative algebraic groups over global fields", graduated in 2009, officially approved in 2010

Solomon Vishkautsan "Residual periodicity on algebraic varieties" (co-advisor: T. Bandman), graduated in 2013

M.Sc. students:

Roman Shklyar "Computer study of identities and equations in finite groups", graduated in 2001 (co-advisor: E. Plotkin)

Rony Bitan "Torus-based cryptography", graduated in 2004

Orit Sela Ben-David "Cryptosystems based on elliptic curves with complex multiplication", graduated in 2005

Tal Perri "An explicit construction of the Jacobian of a nonsingular curve and its group law" (co-advisor: T. Bandman), graduated in 2005

Ran Cohen "Addition algorithms on the Jacobian groups of curves", graduated in 2007

Vyacheslav Shamshanov "Pairing-based cryptography", graduated in 2008

Aharon Ravia "Solvable radical of a Lie algebra over a countable field" (co-advisor: T. Bandman), graduated in 2009

Raz Vakil "Fast implementation of signatures based on elliptic curves", graduated in 2009

Doron Hai-Reuven "Non-solvable graphs of finite groups and solvabilizers", graduated in 2013

Ronny Con "Application of toric codes in secret sharing and multiparty computation", graduated in 2016

Last updated: November 15, 2018