Emanuel (Menachem) Lazar

Bar-Ilan University

Three-Dimensional Poisson-Voronoi Structures - Raw Data
Here we provide raw data for the 3D Poisson-Voronoi structures analyzed in our paper "Statistical topology of three-dimensional Poisson-Voronoi cells and cell boundary networks" (Phys. Rev. E. 88:063309, 2013), available here and here; summary statistical data from these structures is available here.

Raw data is divided into two parts. In the first, we provide data for individual cells; in the second part we provide data for each face. Each file contains a line for each cell or face in the system; there are 250,000,000 cells and 1,941,911,665 faces in the data set. Data of metric properties (volumes, areas, etc) are normalized so that their means are 1. The ordering of cells and faces in each file is identical, so that the data can be conveniently analyzed. Files are in zipped format; very large data sets were divided between two files.

If you use this data in published work, please consider citing one of the papers below.

Filename Description Size
all_cell_volumes.zipVolumes of each cell 895MB
all_cell_surface_areas.zipSurface area of each cell 873MB
all_cell_edge_length_totals.zipSum of lengths of all edges of each cell 863MB
all_cell_mean_widths.zipMean width of each cell 829MB
all_cell_faces.zipNumber of faces of each cell166MB
all_cell_pvectors.zipp-vector of each cell819MB
all_cell_wvectorsA.zipWeinberg vector of each cell (part 1)2.6GB
all_cell_wvectorsB.zipWeinberg vector of each cell (part 2)2.6GB
all_cell_symmetry_orders.zipSymmetry order of each cell28MB
all_cell_FmF.zipSum of faces of neighbors of each cell327MB

Filename Description Size
all_cell_edges.zipNumber of edges of each face676MB
all_cell_areasA.zipArea of each face (part 1)3.6GB
all_cell_areasB.zipArea of each face (part 2)3.4GB
all_cell_perimetersA.zipPerimeter of each face (part 1)3.6GB
all_cell_perimetersB.zipPerimeter of each face (part 2)3.3GB
all_cell_neighboring_cell_faces.zipNumber of faces of neighboring cells2.2GB

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