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Seminars and Courses

Michael Megrelishvili
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Department of Mathematics, room no. 112

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Course: Topological Groups in Analysis and Topology 2022

Lecture Notes (updated 04.07.22)

Homeworks (updated 04.07.22)

Some useful material

"Topology Without Tears" by Sidney A. Morris (Appendix 5)
Some facts about Topological Groups (in Hebrew)
Topology course 2021 PDF
Some background material PDF
Topological Groups: Where to from here? by Vladimir Pestov (survey work)

Minicourse: Banach representations of dynamical systems

Warsaw, April 2014

Lecture Notes: Lecture Notes (updated 16.04.14)

Homeworks: Exercises (07.04.14)

Video recordings material (via the Site of IM PAN)

Some Related Papers

Representations of dynamical systems on Banach spaces (Joint work with E. Glasner).
pdf (updated version 17.09.13)
Survey paper in: Recent Progress in General Topology III, Springer, Atlantis Press, 2013.

Topological Groups: Where to from here? by Vladimir Pestov

Compactifications of topological groups by Vladimir Uspenskij

Banach representations and affine compactifications of dynamical systems (Joint work with E. Glasner).
Fields institute proceedings dedicated to the 2010 thematic program on asymptotic geometric analysis.
Arxiv version (06.10.2012)

Representations of dynamical systems on Banach spaces not containing $l_1$
(Joint work with E. Glasner).
Transactions of the Amer. Math. Soc., 364 (2012), 6395-6424.

On fixed point theorems and nonsensitivity (Joint work with E. Glasner)
Israel Journal of Mathematics, 190 (2012), 298-305.

On metrizable enveloping semigroups
(Joint work with E. Glasner and V.V. Uspenskij)
Israel Journal of Math. 164 (2008), 317-332.

Some new algebras of functions on topological groups arising from $G$-spaces
[Joint work with E. Glasner]
(March, 2008) Fundamenta Math., 201 (2008), 1-51.

Hereditarily non-sensitive dynamical systems
[Joint work with E. Glasner]
Colloq. Math., 104 (2006), no.2, 223-283.

Fragmentability and representations of flows
Topology Proceedings, 27:2 (2003), 497-544.
pdf (June, 2005 (revised: February, 2014))

Reflexively but not unitarily representable topological groups
Topology Proceedings, vol. 25, 2002, 615-625.
ps.file        dvi.file     pdf

Every semitopological semigroup compactification of H_+[0,1] is trivial
SEMIGROUP FORUM, vol. 63, no. 3, 2001, 357-370.
ps.file        dvi.file

Fragmentability And Continuity of Semigroup Actions
Semigroup Forum, vol. 57, 1998, no. 1, 101-126.
ps.file        dvi.file

Seminar: Topology and Functional Analysis 2011

Syllabus Student talks (2011)

Michael Kriheli, Chaos theory and dynamical systems latex pdf
Lena Gurevich, Countable products pdf
Gili Golan, The product topology pdf

Seminar: Topology and Functional Analysis 2009


Meny Shlossberg, Function spaces, latex pdf
Yehonatan Salman, Fixed Point Theorems, latex pdf
Doron Ben Hadar, Compactifications, latex pdf
Eduard Kontorovich, Baire's theorem, latex pdf
Vered-Hana Moscovich, Norm, strong, and weak operator topologies B(H), latex pdf



Meny Shlosberg -- Concrete topological groups and minimality latex pdf
Ephi Cohen -- The Platonic groups latex pdf
Leonid Gugel -- Compactifications of semigroup actions latex pdf
Meital Elyahu and Shay Hamama -- Topological groups and Teleman's theorem 1 latex pdf
Shay Hamama and Meital Elyahu -- Topological groups and Teleman's theorem 2 latex pdf
Mickey Starik -- Metrization of Topological groups latex pdf
Uryia First -- Linear group actions on Asplund spaces latex pdf
Yuval Kohavi and Hadar Davidovich -- Topological dimensions latex pdf


Seminar: Actions and number theory (2005)


Moshe David, Kronecker Theorem and The Minimality of Certain Flows (pdf, latex)
Eduard Kontorovich, About chaos and sensitivityin topological dynamics (pdf)
Leonid Gugel, A dynamical proof of Wan der Warden's Theorem (pdf, latex)
Dani Shitrit, Interval maps (pdf)
Meny Shlosberg, Topological Groups, Semi-Direct Products and Relative Minimality (pdf)
Ronen Harari, Transitivity: examples and basic properties (pdf)
Igor Grossman, A dynamical proof of Wan der Warden's Theorem: second approach (pdf)


On-line book: "Elementary Topology. Textbook in Problems" by Viro, Kharlamov, Netsvetaev, Ivanov
History of Mathematics
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