Malka Schaps, Department of Mathematics

List of Publications

1.    Deformations non-singulieres de courbes gauches, Asterisque 7 et 8 (1973), 121-128.

2.    Determining subgroups of finite index in a finitely generated group (with A. Dietze),
    Canad. J. Math. 26, No.4 (1974), 769-782.

3.    Deformations of Cohen-Macaulay schemes of codimension 2, and non-singular deformations of     space curves, Amer. J. Math. 99, No.4, 669-685.

4.    Non-singular deformations of a determinantal scheme, Pacific J. Math. 65 (1976), 209-215.

5.    Birational morphisms, factorizable by two monoidal transformations,  Math. Ann. 28 (1976),     209-215.

6.    Deformations of generalized complete intersections (with R. Mandelbaum),
    Research Announcement, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., Vol. 61, No.1 (1976), 7-10.

7.    Smoothing perfect varieties (with R. Mandelbaum), Proc. 1975 Summer Institute on Several         Complex Variables 61, No.1 (1976), 51-56.

8.    On the smoothing and deformation of perfect varieties (with R. Mandelbaum), Math. Ann. 226     (1977), 67-80.

9.    On the partial multiplicities of a product of two matrix polynomials (with L. Rodman),         Integral Equations and Operator Theory, Vol. 2/4 (1979), 565-599.

10.    Birational morphisms of algebraic 3-folds, collapsing three surfaces to a curve, Duke Math. J. 48,     No.2 (1981), 401-420.

11.    Versal determinantal deformations, Pacific J. Math. 107, No.1 (1983), 213-221.

12.    The combinatorics of alternative factorizations (with E. Fisman), Israel J. Math. 48, No.1 (1984),     79-95.

13.    Appendix to "On toroidal embeddings of 3-folds" (paper by M. Teicher), Israel J. Math. 57, No.1     (1987), 65-67.

14.    Moduli of commutative and non-commutative finite covers, Israel J. Math. 58, No.1 (1987),         57-101.

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22.    Classifying generic algebras (with Th. Dana-Picard), Rocky Mountain J. of  Math. 22,  No. 1         (1992), 125-155.

23.    An infinite class of generic local algebras,  Archiv der Mathematik 61 (1993), 221-228.

24.    Deformation of tame blocks and related algebras (with Karin Erdmann), Proceedings of the         Conference on Quantum Deformations of Algebras and Their Representations, Israel Math. Conf.
    Proc. 7 (1993), 25-44.

25.    A computer assisted project: Classification of algebras (with Th. Dana Picard), Proceedings of the     Cortina Conference on Computer Algebra (1993).

26.    A modular version of Maschke's theorem for groups with cyclic p-Sylow subgroup, J. of Algebra
    163 (1994), 623-635.

27.    Liftable deformations and Hecke algebras, Algebraic Groups and Generalizations, Classical
    Methods, AMS (1994), 155-173.

28.    The modular version of Maschke's theorem for normal abelian p-Sylows  (with M. Gerstenhaber),     Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 109 (1996),  257-264.

29.    Separable deformations of blocks with normal defect groups (with C. Mejer),  Canadian         Mathematical Society Conference Proceedings 18 (1996), 505-517.

30.    Classifying generic algebras: the local case (with Th. Dana-Picard), Houston J. of Math. 22, No. 4
    (1996), 749-773.

31.    Hecke algebras, Uqsln, and the Donald-Flanigan conjecture for Sn (with M. Gerstenhaber),
    Trans. AMS. 349, No.8 (1997), 3353-3371.

32.    Non-reduced components of  Algn (with Th. Dana-Picard),   Canadian Math. Conf. Proc. 24         (1998), 111-120.

33.    Quivers of blocks with normal defect group (with D. Shapira and O. Shlomo), Proc. Symposia in     Pure Mathematics 63 (1998), 497-510.

34.    Quivers of groups with normal p-subgroups, Communications in Algebra 27 (5) (1999),

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    The Far East J. of Math, 1, no. 1 (1999),  17-25.

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    Representations of Algebra, Kluwer, (2002) 187-207.

40.    Braid group action on the refolded tilting complexes of the Brauer algebra (with E. Zakay-Illouz),
    Proceedings ICRA IX, Beijing, vol. II, 2002, 434-449.

41.    Folded tilting complexes for Brauer tree algebras (with J. Rickard), Advances in Math. 171, 2002,
     pp. 167-182.

42.    A network of weighted majority rules and their geometric realizations (with D. Karotkin),
     Games and Economic Behavior, 42, 2003, 75-90.

43.    Homogeneous deformations of Brauer tree algebras (E. Zakay-Illouz),;Communications
     in Algebra, 31, No. 11, 2003, pp. 5243-5252,.

44.    Specialization of crossed products, Communications
     in Algebra, Vol. 13, N. 12, 2003,pp.5781-5792,2003.

45.    Two-dimensional pattern matching with rotation (with A  Amir, A. Butman, M. Crochemore,
     G.M. Landau), Theoretical Computer Science 314, 1-2, 2004, 173-187.

46.    Deformations, tiltings, and decomposition matrices, Representations of Algebras and related topics, Fields Inst. Comm. 45,(2005) 345-355

47.    Crossover Morita equivalences in blocks of covering groups of symmetric and alternating groups (with Radha Kessar), Journal of Group Theory 9, (2006) no. 6, 715-730.

48.    Explicit tilting complexes (with Ayala Bar-Ilan, Tzvia Berrebi, Genadi Chereshnya, Mikhal Cohen and Ruth Leabovich), Groups St. Andrews 2005, LMS Lect. Note Ser. 339, vol. 1, (2007) 207-223.

49.    Logarithmic growth of systole of arithmetic Riemann surfaces along congruence subgroups (with Mikhail Katz and Uzi Vishne), Journal of Differential Geometry, 76,(2007), no. 3, 399-422.

50.    Lifting McKay graphs and relations to prime extensions (with M. Hasan Ali),   Rocky Mountain J. of Math., 38, no.2 (2008), 373-393.

51.    The Broue conjecture for the faithful 3-blocks of 4.M22, (with Juergen Mueller), Journal of Algebra, 319, (2008), 3588-3602.

52.     Maximal strings in the crystal graph of spin representations of the symmetric and alternating groups, (with Hussam Arisha), Communications in Algebra 37, No. 11, 3779-3795 (2009)

53.    Finite posets and their representation algebras, (with Murray Gerstenhaber), Int'l Jour. of Algebra and Computation, (2010)

54.    A non-recursive criterion for weights of a highest weight module for an affine Lie algebra (with Orly Barshevsky and Matthew Fayers), Israel Journal of Mathematics.

55.     The coarse structure of the Representation Algebra of a finite monoid, Jour. of Discrete Mathematics, Volume 2014.

56.     Proofs and Retributions, Or: Why Sarah Can’t Take Limits (with Vladimir Kanovei, Karin Katz, Mikhail Katz) Foundations of Science 20(1), March (2014) DOI:10.1007/s10699-013-9340-0

57.     Morita equivalences for the spin blocks of the symmetric and alternating groups, (with Ruth Leabovich) Rocky Mountain J. Math. 47(3): 863-904 (2017). DOI: 10.1216/RMJ-2017-47-3-863

58.     Effects of correlations and fees in random multiplicative environments: Implications for portfolio management (with Oz Pirvandy and Gur Yaari), Phys. Review E. (Vol.96, No.2): (2017) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.96.022305

59.    Volume Prediction With Neural Networks (with Daniel Libman , Simi Haber) Front Artif Intell . 2019 Oct 9;2:21. doi: 10.3389/frai.2019.00021. eCollection 2019.

60.     Mutations and pointing for the Brauer tree algebras (with Zehavit Zvi) Osaka J. Math. 57 (3) July (2020) 689 - 709.

61.     Forecasting Quoted Depth With the Limit Order Book (with Daniel Libman , Simi Haber) Frontiers Artif Intell 2021 May 11;4:667780. doi: 10.3389/frai.2021.667780.

62.     Unidirectional Littelmann Paths for crystals of type A and rank 2 (with Ola Amara-Omari) Algebras and Rep. Theory, July (2021), .

63.     Non-recursive canonical basis computations for low-rank Kashiwara crystals of type A (with Ola Amara-Omari) to appear in Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics

64.     Mutual Information between order book layers (with Daniel Libman, Gil Ariel, Simi Haber) To appear in Entropy

Working papers

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