Algebraic Number Theory (88-798)

Instructor: Michael Schein
Office: Mathematics Building, Room 214
E-mail: mschein at math dot biu dot ac dot il
Office hours: Sundays, 5-6 pm

Time: Tuesday, 12-1:30 pm
Location: Physics Building (202), room 222.
Final Exam: February 5, 2009 (tentatively)

Question Sheets

Question Sheet 1 (due Nov. 18): pdf

Question Sheet 2 (due Dec. 2): pdf
Hints for Question Sheet 2: pdf

Question Sheet 3 (due Dec. 23): pdf

Question Sheet 4 (due Jan. 13): pdf

Question Sheet 5 (optional): pdf
Solutions for Question Sheet 5: pdf

Some References

Number Fields by D. A. Marcus.
An excellent introductory text that proceeds more slowly than the others listed here.
Algebraic Number Theory by A. Fröhlich and M. J. Taylor.
Algebraic Number Theory by J. Neukirch.
Problems in Algebraic Number Theory by M. R. Murty and J. Esmonde.
A textbook originally intended for self-study by students who did not have access to an organized course. The book consists of problems, with solutions given for most of them. I highly recommend solving as many of them as possible.
All these books should be available at the Mathematics Library.
The course will assume a basic familiarity with Galois theory. Lecture notes (in Hebrew) on this subject by Moshe Jarden may be found here.
I am not aware of any publicly available material in Hebrew on the subject of our course, but please let me know if you find any.