Commutative Algebra (88-813)

Instructor: Michael Schein
Office: Mathematics Building, Room 214
E-mail: mschein at math dot biu dot ac dot il
Office hours: Sundays, 5--6 pm

Time: Sunday, 2--4:45 pm
Location: Moreshet Israel (503), room 8
Final Exam: February 11, 2009 (tentatively)

Question Sheets

Question Sheet 1 (due Nov. 23): pdf

Question Sheet 2 (due Dec. 14): pdf

Question Sheet 3 (due Jan. 11): pdf

Question Sheet 4 (due Feb. 1): pdf

Some References

Gradute Algebra: Commutative View by Louis Rowen.
Algebra B3 and Commutative Algebra.
Lecture notes (in Hebrew) for courses taught by Moshe Jarden at Tel Aviv University that overlap considerably with our course.
Commutative Ring Theory by H. Matsumura.
Commutative Algebra by O. Zariski and P. Samuel.
Commutative Algebra with a View toward Algebraic Geometry by D. Eisenbud.
All these books (except for Jarden's notes) should be available at the Mathematics Library.