Elementary Number Theory for Computer Scientists (89-256)

Instructor: Michael Schein
Office: Mathematics Building, Room 214
E-mail: mschein at math dot biu dot ac dot il
Office hours: By e-mail appointment

Time: Tuesday, 12--2:30 pm
Location: Building 507, room 1

Syllabus and course info. Note that topics may not be covered in the same order as listed in the syllabus.

First homework, due on 28 Adar // March 22.

Second homework, due on 6 Nisan // March 29.

Third homework, due on 18 Iyar // May 10.

Fourth homework, due on 1 Sivan // May 22.

Fifth homework, due on 17 Sivan // June 7.

Here is an exam from two years ago.

Some References

An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers by G. H. Hardy and E. M. Wright.
Elementary Number Theory: A Computational Approach by W. Stein.
The Higher Arithmetic by H. Davenport. and many other books on elementary number theory.