Quantum Groups, Deformations, and Geometry

A Conference in Memory of Joseph Donin

15-17 June 2014

This satellite conference of the Second Joint AMS-IMU Meeting is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Joseph Donin, who suddenly passed away in January 2004. One of the fields Joseph Donin was actively working in was the deformation of algebraic structures on geometric spaces. He devoted his last 16 years to equivariant quantization of G-manifolds. The conference will cover equivariant quantization and related topics of quantum algebra and representation theory. Applications to mathematical physics including integrable systems will also be addressed.


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Tentative schedule below (please check back closer to the date for changes).
All talks in the seminar room on the top floor of the math building - building 216, room 201.

Sunday June 15

(Joint with the Meeting in honor of Steve Shnider's retirement)

Tuesday June 17

Meeting parcipitants might also be interested in the Amitsur Symposium on June 15 at Bar-Ilan. And for sure look at the program of the Second Joint AMS-IMU Meeting to be held at Bar-Ilan and Tel Aviv Universities June 16-19.

List of participants