Bar-Ilan Geometry and Topology Seminar

Time: Wednesday 1:50
Place: Math building, Upstairs seminar room

Year   5763   (2002-03)

First semester

Date Speaker Title and Abstract
30.10.02 Tsachik Gelander (Hebrew University) Homotopy type and volume of locally symmetric manifolds
13.11.02 Dan Mangoubi (Technion) Extension of Metrics of Negative Curvature
27.11.02 Michael Entov (Technion) A Hunt For Quasimorphisms
25.12.02 Michel Deza (Ecole Normale Superieure) 4-valent plane graphs with 2-, 3- and 4-gonal faces
1.1.03 Boris Chorny (Hebrew University) Localization with respect to a class of maps
8.1.03 Michael Levin (Ben-Gurion University) Cohomological Dimension Theory
15.1.03 Gabriel Katz (MIT) Taut maps M^3 --> S^1 and the 2-cycles minimizing the Thurston norm

Second semester

Date Speaker Title and Abstract
19.2.03 Boaz Tsaban (Hebrew University) The combinatorics of splittability
26.2.03 Jeremy Yirmeyahu Kaminski (Bar-Ilan) Solving systems of polynomial equations by generic projections

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