Shimshon Amitsur, 1921-1994
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The Twenty-fourth Amitsur Memorial Symposium

Wednesday, June 28th 2017, Ramat-Gan

Past Amitsur Symposia

    Planning to participate? please register.

    Venue: Bar-Ilan University, Feldmann Auditorium (see map to the left of this page).

    Organizers: Avinoam Mann, Louis Rowen, Uzi Vishne and Eliyahu Matzri.
                        For information contact Uzi Vishne.

    In conjuction with:
                Advances in Noncommutative Algebra, on the occasion of Louis Rowen's retirement, June 25th-29th.


    The Gelbart Research Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
    Bar-Ilan office of the Vice President for Research

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