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This meeting is cancelled due to Covid-19 uncertainties.

First Joint Meeting

of the

Israel Mathematical Union     and the     German Mathematical Society

8-10 March 2021


                Registration and payment page is not set yet.
                You are kindly asked to pre-register in order to be included in the mailing list.
                Deadline for registration with reduced fees: will be set.

    Venue: The Hebrew University, Weiss Hall and Sprinzak building.

    Plenary speakers:
                 Shiri Artstein-Avidan (Tel Aviv)
                 Valentin Blomer (Bonn)
                 Alex Bronstein (Haifa, Technion)
                 Gerhard Huisken, (Tuebingen, Oberwolfach)
                 Sabine Jansen (LMU, Muenchen)
                 Aner Shalev (Hebrew University in Jerusalem)

    Parallel sessions:
                The meeting will have a large number of parallel sessions.
                Sessions that were approved so far are listed below.
                Please contact the program committee with proposals for further sessions.

    Committees and contact:
                President of the IMU: Alex Lubotzky, Hebrew University in Jerusalem
                President of the DMV: Friedrich Goetze, Bielefeld University
                Program Committee:
                      Zeev Rudnick, Tel Aviv University (co-chair);
                      Thomas Peternell, Bayreuth University (co-chair);
                      Anton Bovier, Bonn University;
                      Gil Kalai, Hebrew University;
                      Koby Rubinstein, Technion;
                      Christopher Voll, Bielefeld University;
                      Ofer Zeitouni, Weizmann Institute;
                      Gunter Ziegler, FU Berlin.
                Organizing Committee:
                      Moshe Jarden, Tel Aviv University (chair);
                      Ehud de Shalit, Hebrew University;
                      Chloé Perin, Hebrew University;
                      Uzi Vishne, Bar Ilan University.

    List of Participants:
                Will be available here.

    General instructions:
                Transportation: (details to appear).
                Social activities: (details to appear).
                Restaurants: see this guide.
                Visa: A visa to Israel is not required for US or European passport holders. Those coming from India or China will need a visa.
                For invitation letters, please contact Eran Nevo (treasurer of the IMU).
                The meeting's poster (not available yet)

    Practical Information:
                Hotels: see our proposed list.
                Excursions: (Details to follow).
                Tourism: Plenty of data online, e.g. Jerusalem municipality tourism website.
                Maps: a map of Jerusalem and a map of Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University.

                The Anat and Amnon Shashua Fund.

This meeting is cancelled: see top of page.