Math for optometrists 2

                                        2004-5 b

The exams of first term (7/2005) are checked. You are welcome to come and take your notebooks.

The success rate (60 and above) is 80%. Of these, 40% got 80 or above.

You may want to have a look at a solution of the exam (in Hebrew), including list of common errors.

For now, you may download the course booklet (in English). The last two pages list some problems not unresembling the final exams.

You should prepare formula sheets in advance (around 1-3 pages). Don't exaggerate. For example, you may include the general formula for Taylor series and all the standard examples (sin(x), e^x, log(1+x) etc.), but not solutions of exercises. Likewise you may include the formula for the length of a curve (pi times integral of sqrt{1-(y')^2}), but not solved examples.

Structure of the exam (both terms):
  * L`Hospital's rule   choose 1 out of 2 questions.
  * Integrals choose 2 out of 3 questions.
  * Taylor series choose 1 out of 2 questions.
  * Linear algebra choose 1 out of 2 questions.
  * Statistics choose 1 out of 2 questions.

Note: finding the volume of a rotation body and the length of a curve is part of the material to the exam. (There is nothing special about these topics, I list them here only because some of you specifically asked about them).
You will not be required to read values from the tables of normal distribution (although this is certainly a useful skill).

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Last updated: 17 July 2005