Directions to Uzi Vishne's office and to the seminar room.
1. To Bar Ilan.
Bar-Ilan University is located on Rd. #4, between the cities of Ramat-Gan and Bney-Braq. You may find this map handy (Bar-Ilan is right on the middle of the right-most half of the map). The main entracnce is from `Keren Haysod' street. Arriving by bus from Jerusalem: Bus #400 takes off from the Central Station every 20 minutes (from 9:00 - every 12 min.), and stops just across Road 4 near the university.

2. To the mathematics department.
The department is located in Buidling 216, which is a 3-stories building, with a fancy zig-zig glass cover at the top. Use this map (courtesy of the university) to locate building 216. Rd #4 is at the left of the map. Arriving by foot from Road #4 gate: walk southwards with the road; the building will be to your right. If you arrive by car from the main gate, you will probably circle the main part of the university, passing by buildings 407, 411, 410, 409; then coming to a traffic circle near building 217. Guests will arrive by car from gate 10: go around the northern part of the campus, passing near the area 502; then coming to a traffic circle near building 217.
Parking(1) An optimist will take left at the circle near 217, trying to find parking along the main road; once this plan fails, go immediately back into the parking lot (between the inner drive and Rd. #4), in the reverse direction. If there is no parking space there too, you arrive back at the traffic circle, continue straight with it, and follow plan B. (2) A pessimist will take right at the circle, and try to find a parking space near the old gym (501) or the near-by classroms (502). (3) Worst case scenario: there is no easy parking near the math department during the pressure hours; you can use the parking lots at the north (near building 902 or 905), and then take the shuttle, passing every 10-15 minutes (stations are marked on the map by small flags; take off at station 5 or 6).

3. To my office.
My office is on the second floor, so if you arrive from the parking lots, you will need to take the stairs. If you arrive by foot from within the university, there is a good chance that you are already in the second floor, so just look for the library. My room is #122, at the corridor in front of the library.

3'. To the seminar room.
The seminar room is in the upper floor, second room to the right after the stairs.

home    In case of emergency, my cell-phone number is 052-(sigma(0)...sigma(6)), where sigma is the permutation on {0,1,...,6} whose non-trivial cycles are (234) and (650).

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Last updated: 15 Apr 2015