Algebra, Geometry, Dynamics, and Applications

Israel Science Foundation Conference

A conference honouring the memory of Friedrich Hirzebruch on the occasion of his 90th anniversary

Time and place: Jun. 17-22, 2018, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Photo of F. Hirzebruch

The conference “Algebra, Geometry, Dynamics, and Applications” will honour the memory of Prof. Friedrich Hirzebruch, on his 90th anniversary. Prof. Friedrich Hirzebruch was the first Chair of the Beirat (Advisory Council) of the Emmy Noether Institute.

This festive event is organized by the Emmy Noether Institute and Bar-Ilan University from June 17-22, 2018. Twenty five years after the conference HIRZ65 that was held at Bar-Ilan University in 1993, we hope to shed light on new developments in algebraic geometry related to the work of Prof. Hirzebruch, as well as on different aspects of group theory, geometry and dynamics. The conference is not intended to focus on a narrow set of problems, but rather to present a broad look at recent progress in the field, highlighting new techniques and ideas. Main topics of the conference are:

  1. Geometry of complex projective varieties.
  2. Geometry and dynamics of group actions.
  3. Ergodic theory and stochastic processes.
  4. Algebraic geometry and model theory.

The conference is supported by the Israel Science Foundation, the Emmy Noether Research Institute for Mathematics, the Gelbart Research Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and the Mathematics Department of Bar-Ilan University.

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