Emanuel (Menachem) Lazar

Bar-Ilan University

Research interests
Applied and computational mathematics, dynamical cell complexes, mean curvature flow, discrete differential geometry, Voronoi tessellations, universality principles, polyhedra, statistical and applied topology, materials science.
2006 - 2011 Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)
Ph.D. Applied and Computational Mathematics
Thesis: The Evolution of Cellular Structures via Curvature Flow
Advisors: Robert D. MacPherson and David J. Srolovitz
2000 - 2004 Yeshiva University (New York, NY)
B.S. Computer Science and Philosophy
Thesis: Molecular Dynamic Studies in the Fracturing of Metals
Advisors: Shlomo Ta'asan and Gabriel Cwilich
2018 - present Bar-Ilan University (Israel)
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Mathematics
2013 - 2018 University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
Postdoctoral researcher,
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
2012 - 2013 Columbia University (New York, NY)
Postdoctoral Research Scientist,
Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Advisors: Chris Marianetti and Andrew Millis
2011 - 2012 Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, NJ)
Member, School of Mathematics

Random Writings
The Hippocratic Oath in Halacha (pdf)
Divrei Torah at Noam's bris
Thoughts on Torah publication
שיטת הרמבם בדין ברכת הרואה וענין דפרסומי ניסא



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