Louis Rowen

e-mail: rowen@math.biu.ac.il
phone: (+972) 3-531-8284
home phone (972) 9-7416819, fax (972) 9-7418016 office: room 206

My specialty is noncommutative algebra, in particular division algebras and also the structure of rings.

Academic Background: Doctorate from Yale University in 1973;
Dickson Instructorship University of Chicago (1973-1975);
Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science Bar-Ilan University (1975-2017);
Professor Emeritus (2017--).
For further academic details see Curriculum Vita.

I am an enthusiastic cellist, having soloed with the Jerusalem Symphony, and play in chamber music concerts from time to time.
Rachel, my wife, is a silversmith, specializing in Judaica objects.
Her e-mail address Rachel@rachelrowen.co.il, and website www.rachelrowen.co.il.

Textbook Algebra: Groups, Rings and Fields, pub. A.K.Peters, 1994.
A list of errata is given here . Thanks to the courtesy of our publisher, AK Peters Ltd. , from July 1, 2000, are be able to download the entire algebra text in a postscript file.
A more permanent version of this book is still available from the publisher or your favorite bookseller.
Further information about the algebra text: Algebra: Groups, Rings, and Fields

Updates and Corrections to Ring Theory , pub. Academic Press Pure and Applied Math 1988
(Student edition 1991).

Updates and Corrections to Algebra - Groups, Rings, and Fields , pub. AK Peters 1994.

Updates and Corrections to Polynomial Identities- A combinatoric approach , pub. AK Peters 2005.

Corrections to Graduate Algebra: Commutative View, Graduate Studies in Math. 73 (2006)

Corrections to Graduate Algebra: Noncommutative View, Graduate Studies in Math. 91 (2008)

The algebra seminar meets Wednesdays at 10:00 AM.

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Breakthroughs in Mathematics (Pritzot derech)
Game Theory
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