General Probability

The course is accompanied by a "high learn" group, to which you are all invitated to register.
This is highly experimental (for me), and I look forward to hear your comments at the end of the semester. How do you rate your experience, on the scale of 1 (extremely annoying) to 7 (somewhat helpful)?

Here is a somewhat extended syllabus (in Hebrew; not up-to-date). Table of the standard normal distribution: here.

Suggested textbooks (on most of the material; all in Hebrew):
1. "Probability - First course", by Sheldon Ross.
2. "Probability Theory", Eli Merzbach and Avraham Shimron.
3. "Probability for Computer Science students", The Open University.

Some past exams:
1. The first exam of 2008, with a complete solution; and
2. The second exam of 2008.
3. The first exam of 2009, with a complete solution;
4. The second exam of 2009.
5. The quiz we held in 2009, with complete solution, and (more importantly) improbable-but-true false attempts.
6. The 2010 first exam, fully solved.
During the exam, you will be able to use the following information sheet, with data on various distributions, and a table of the normal distribution.

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Last updated: 25 Jan 2010