Financial Mathematics 1 (88-620)

This is a one-semester course for students in the financial mathematics program. Each week there will be a 2 hour lecture (Sunday 14:00-16:00, building 604, room 12) and a 1 hour problem session with teaching assistants Uzi Harush or Daniel Libman (Friday 12:00-13:00, building 604, room 14 with Uzi, building 604, room 105 with Daniel).

My email: schiff "at"
My office phone: 03-531-8867.
My office hours: Tuesday 14:00-16:00. In the math and CS building, building 216, room 208.
Uzi's email: uziharush "at"
Daniel's email: daniellibman "at"


Exercise Sets

Every 2 weeks (more or less) I will post an exercise set and a submission date. I regard doing these exercises as the best way to learn the course material.
You must submit reasonable attempts at solutions to at least 5 of the 6 exercise sets and 10% of the course grade will be given for this.
The exercises will not be checked (sorry) but random checks for copying will be made, and where there is firm evidence of copying, submissions will be disqualified.
The exercises should be submitted in hard copy, Daniel and Uzi will give instructions. Thanks to Uzi and Daniel for solutions.


This is the first year I am teaching this course. For the last 2 years (5774, 5775) it was taught by Dr. Simi Haber, and his exams appear below (thanks Simi!). He used some different material, so I indicate which questions are relevant.

The exam is worth 90% of the final grade of the course. The exam will be "closed book", 3 hours long, with a choice of 4 out of 5 questions. You must have a working scientific calculator for the exam and know how to use it. You will receive This formula sheet. (Note there is one slight change from the version sent out by email. An extra formula at the end of the first page.)

Material from class

Here I will post things I use in class.

Useful links

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